Chanel x 2 ?

Lacquered by Blue Vanilla

*Purchased By Me

Hello there!! Today is officially the day I start school and I am already missing the holidays  😦  I am so glad that I will officially be done in 9 months; I know it seems really long but I have completed more than 24 months already so 9 months will fly by fast (hopefully)! 😀

Anyways, today I have another Brands Inspired Mani and its Chanel! It all started one day when I was browsing through different manicures and immediately fell in love with this look! I knew right away that I wanted to do a mani inspired by it but first let me show you guys the original picture 😀


There it is & OMG its so elegant and gorgeous and pretty and…. (the list goes on!) This look was created by emeraldsparkled so do check it out here! She explains how it came about with…

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