Minion Nail Art

The F. Nails

I know most people want these cute Minions from the movie Despicable Me. So here’s my step-by-step nail art of 10 different faces of Minions.

Nail art done by Ms. Crissa of nail salon


1 – Have your nails clean then apply your base coat.
2 – Use your choice of yellow polish for your base or the body of the Minions
3 – Using a dotting tool, do an eye with a white polish.
4 – Do a tip on your nails with a blue polish, which will serve as the Minions’ jumper.


5 – Place an outline on the eye which will serve as the goggle of the Minion, with a silver or gray polish.
6 – Draw the Minions’ eye and a goggle strap with a black polish.
7 – Then draw your choice of different mouth expressions with black polish.
8 – Finish it up…

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