Nail Art Basics – What are Rhinestones and how to use them?

The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries

Hi Fellas,

I am going to take you through another cute nail art accessory today. They are called Rhinestones. They are small, colorful and blingy nail art accessory that beautify your nails instantly. They come in various shapes (round, hearts, drops, diamond, stars, bow knot etc) ,sizes (1 mm on wards) and finishes (blingy , pearl etc). Basically there is a vast variety of choices that you can exercise as per your taste and nail size. There is also ‘Studs’ that I see getting very popular these days. I have a few studs that I won in the Nail Art remake challenge. I have used them in a nail art I did for my sister’s friend. I am yet to post it and then you can check for yourself 🙂 These are great for creating 3D Nail Art.

This is the Bride’s Veil in Blue Nail Art I…

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